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Questions & Answers
1. Can I afford the Klages Agency artist of my choice for my next event?
        Pricing live entertainment is more than simple economics or commerce. The Klages Agency is dedicated to bringing you the finest entertainment available at the lowest possible prices. We try our best to offer you our bottom line in the prices we quote. We are fully aware of the budget restraints under which most entertainment buyers operate. Call us today for more information about co-op buying and other cost saving measures available to entertainment buyers in your area.
2. Do price quotes include sound, travel and accommodations?
        All prices are negotiable! Many artists are entirely self-contained and travel with their own sound/PA. We can always quote an all-inclusive price including sound, travel and accommodations.
3. Can I receive a complementary press kit, CD and/or video for an artist that I would like to book for my next event?
        Yes, complementary press kits, photo, CD/cassette and/or video demo tapes can be mailed immediately upon your request.
4. What is the length of each performance?
        The length of each performance is always negotiable. We are proud to represent an outstanding array of professional entertainers who will accommodate your schedule and entertainment needs.
5. Is a deposit required?
        Not necessarily, often a signed contract is all that is necessary to guarantee your choice of entertainment. The manner of payment can be negotiated in order to meet the confines of your entertainment budget.
6. Are there any publicity materials available for artists that I am interested in booking?
        Yes, complimentary pictures/posters, press releases and bios are provided upon the return of your signed contract.
7. What are the technical requirements for the artist that I am interested in booking?
        Technical requirements vary from one artist to another. The Klages Agency represents many entertainers who are entirely self-contained. In other words, they do not require any technical assistance and will provide all of their sound/PA and necessary equipment.
8. Are there any "hidden" costs that I should know about?
        Our contracts are entirely self-explanatory: No hidden costs, No expensive rider, and No fine print!
9. Is there a price advantage to booking multiple acts for a series of events?
        Yes, block booking can be an effective way to satisfy your entertainment needs and stay within the confines of your operating budget. Call us today at 1-410-876-6315 for more information about block booking multiple artists for your next event or up-coming series of events.
10. How do I book an artist for my next event?
        Easy! Call us today at 1-410-876-6315 and ask for Bob or Mary Ann Klages!
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